Note Down Very Important Canadian Gambling Trends

Online casino gaming is developing and improving rapidly and each year online casinos and software developers try to improve on the previous year. The online casino industry is a competitive one and in order to stay one step ahead of the others online casinos have to continuously be improving their games and their site.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino gaming has come a long way since 1997 when the first mobile game hit the scene. Canadian mobile casinos players will see that the mobile casino industry is growing and developing rapidly and there are literally thousands of apps for players to choose from at the various mobile app stores. The great thing about mobile gaming is that players can enjoy their favourite casino game at any time of the day or night and from anywhere in the world.

Players no longer need to make extensive travel plans to enjoy a casino game, but can do so by accessing these games from their mobile device. The range of mobile games available to Canadian players is staggering and all they need is internet access to play.  The more well-known online casinos will make use of HTML5 technology which allows online casino players to access their casino account from their device and their PC which means that players only need to sign up with one account with the same login details.

Development of New Gadgets

New gadgets are being developed to make online casino gaming even more accessible to Canadian players. There are new gadgets appearing such as smartwatches and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. VR gives casino players the real casino experience allowing players to sit at a poker table or enjoy a drink at the bar while interacting with casino staff and other players.  A trend that online casinos have taken advantage of is that online casinos games can also be played on smart TV’s which gives Canadian players a bigger screen with high definition graphics.

Virtual Currency Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular and this trend looks to be on the increase. Bitcoin also known as cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is accepted by online casinos and other sites as a form of payment. Online casinos do not need to apply for a licence when using Bitcoin as a form of payment as they are not using real money.  Canadian online casinos will offer games on their site where players can use Bitcoin as well as other virtual currencies such as Litecoin, Peercoin and Dogecoin. Using virtual currency is a risk free gaming experience for Canadian players and will be helpful when playing for real money as they would have already familiarised themselves with the game.

Social Networks

Social networking is a big part of our culture today and the trend is to integrate online casino gaming with platforms such as Facebook. This option is played for fun, no money is exchanged, or some casino sites will play with credits that players can use to play online casino games. Almost everyone around the world has a Facebook account so this option can only grow and develop.

Live Dealer Games

A trend that has really taken off is the live dealer option where Canadian players can communicate with a live casino dealer using a webcam. The experience is very real and popular live dealer games are poker and blackjack.

There are always new trends, especially in the online casino industry, and these are growing and developing as software developers and casinos endeavour to deliver a service that is better and more user friendly than their competitors.