Find the Forgotten Land Of Lemuria In This Slot Game

Across history there have been many myths about forgotten lands and mythical legends of lost treasure. One such legend surrounds the forgotten land of Lemuria, a land originally believed to be lost somewhere between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The theory has been debunked since, however the legend remains in the form of the Land Of Lemuria video slots game. Seek out the ancient civilisation of Lemuria yourself, find their hidden treasures and the mystical secrets by playing the video slots game developed by Microgaming themselves – Land Of Lemuria.

The look, feel and sound effects of the Land Of Lemuria video slots game all work in tandem to create a mythical feel that works well with the intended theme. The game is easy to pick up, houses 3 rows of 5 reels and includes 25 pay lines in total. The symbols are made up of underwater & mythical legends, creating a razzle dazzle of imagery, with symbols such as the white witch, some crystal skulls, a few kryptonite minerals and some lotus blossoms. This is bulked up with the standard video slots style cards ranging from 9 to 10, and the Jack to the King.

Find the Treasure Vaults

The biggest draw feature of the Land Of Lemuria slots game, is the bonus game. The bonus game is triggered by landing 3 or more of the scatter symbols at any one spin. Scatter symbols are represented by the “eye” symbol and act as any scatter symbol would in other slots games at Gaming Club Casino. When you land 3 or more eye symbols, you gain access to the first of three elemental vaults through the white witch. The witch levitates and offers access to the first elemental vault – the water vault. Here you will see 10 magical orbs that you can choose from. Choose correctly and you win money and can choose another orb. Choose incorrectly and you move on to the next vault.

There are 3 vaults in total, starting with water, then earth and then finishing on the fire vault. In the first two vaults you either win coins with each selection or you move on to the next vault, with the last fire vault, you can either win coins or end the bonus game, so choose wisely. All coins that were found during the play through of the bonus game are awarded to the player after the bonus round completes.

Wild Cards and Betting Ranges

The Land Of Lemuria video slots game also uses the Lemuria symbol is the wild card. This wild functions as any wild card would in a video slots game, allowing more winning combinations to be possible. Land Of Lemuria also offers a wide range of betting selections to allow both new player and veteran player alike to play at their range of bets. The coin sizes go from the minimum of 0.01 coins to the maximum of 0.50. Using all 25 pay lines and betting the maximum of 250 coins, it is possible to land the jackpot prize of 15,000 coins.