Find out the Details about Zodiac Wheel Online Slot

Rich, 3D design is an immediately apparent feature in Euro Games Technology’s celestial slot title Zodiac Wheel. The intention was obviously a sleek, modern look in both the game layout and the rendering of the symbols, despite the ancient roots of the astrology theme. Although the game offers no free spins bonus, two Scatters and a unique Wild boost the wins.

Five reels and the numbers denoting the five pay lines are housed in thin golden frames, against a night sky wallpapered with faint zodiac symbols. Each reel displays three transparent windows, with symbols in bright, detailed colours that stand out vividly. All five Zodiac Wheel pay lines are fixed, but players can bet between 1 and 20 coins per line in five increments.

Eight Icons and a Versatile Wild

Zodiac Wheel’s four poker icons, J to A, are depicted as colourful brooches of semi-precious stone, studded with diamonds to make constellations. K’s and A’s win equal-value prizes, as do Js and Qs, with a maximum of 100 coins for five A’s or K’s.

The four other ordinary mobile casino slot symbols are an old mechanical orrery, a brass telescope, a light-bearing astrologer and a bearded astronomer. The astronomer pays 2 coins for two of a kind, while the other symbols require at least three matches to win. Five matching astronomers win 3,000 coins.

The Wild, a zodiac calendar wheel, has the unique property on Reels 2, 3 and 4 of being able to substitute for any symbol on that reel except the Scatters, allowing it to create multiple wins across more pay lines. Music is an integral part of building the excitement in Zodiac Wheel; a simple clicking accompanies the spin, with quick instrumental stings to mark Wilds and Scatters, swelling to musical and vocal celebrations on a win. On big wins, it grows to full fireworks effects.

Two Scatter Bonuses

The two Scatter bonuses are rendered in the same realistic detail as all the other symbols in Zodiac Wheel. The Map Scatter is a map of the heavens accompanied by a sextant and a quill pen in an inkwell, and it only appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5. When it shows up on all three reels, however, it pays a bonus of 100 coins.

The Book Scatter is an ancient astrology book, bound with brass and a glowing gem. It pays players 15, 100 or 500 coins for 3, 4 or 5 matches anywhere on the reels.

Jackpot Cards Feature a Random Bonus

Zodiac Wheel has a Gamble feature, so players can risk every win in the hope of doubling it a number of times, if they choose to. The more impressive extra option, however, is the Jackpot Cards Feature. This is a bonus game that can be triggered at random after any Zodiac Wheel spin, in which the four cards suits are ranked in order of ascending value: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

The casino player is then given a screen of 12 cards, face down. The player must turn over cards until three matches of one suit appear; this then becomes the suit determining the level of the player’s prize. The bonus prize will be the amount that the progressive jackpot for that particular card suit had reached when the player turned over the final card.