An Exclusive Guide Explaining How to Play Casino Games Online

The proliferation of online and mobile casinos has made it much easier for anyone to learn how to play casino games, without the added pressure of more experienced players at the table getting impatient with slow beginners. Because so many casino games online are played purely between the player and the computer, only live-gaming options pit the player against other players in real time.

So it makes sense for novices to learn how to play casino games at their own pace, with no pressure from other players, in player-versus-computer games at online casinos. There are plenty of free casinos online at which they can play for credits only while they learn how to play casino games. Once they are confident that they know how to play casino games with a bit of finesse, they can move on to playing for real money. They can continue to play against computer opponents only, or they can take on other human players in live games online, or at the tables in land-based casinos.

Slots are the Simplest to Play

Slots are the most popular casino games category all over the world, whether in online, mobile or land-based casinos. For those only just learning how to play casino games, slots are also the simplest to understand. The player decides on the number of pay lines to bet on for each spin, and the amount they will stake on each line.

Those are really the only decisions the player has to make during slots play, unless they want to use the Gamble feature after a win to try to double the prize. Some slots titles also feature in-game special bonuses that will require the player to make a choice, but these choices are explained whenever they come up during the game anyway. So slots are a good place to start when learning how to play casino games.

Playing Table Games

Table games like Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Poker and  online Baccarat are a little more complicated; if not in play, then certainly, in the case of Craps and Roulette, in understanding the best way to spread bets to improve the chances of regular wins. Dealers and croupiers are always happy to explain the rules to new players, but again, this could slow down play and irritate more experienced players at land-based casinos, or in live table games online.

However, there is always the option of playing all these table games, against computer opponents only, at online casinos. This allows players to learn how to play casino games at a comfortable speed, and online casinos also have the game rules and pay tables constantly available to the player on click-through menus during play. So it is never a problem to pause and take stock, while working out the best bet to place next.

Video Poker Test Drawing Skills

Video Poker is probably the second-most popular casino game after slots, as it allows players to test their poker skills without having to bet and bluff against other players. There are several Video Poker variations available online, some that include Wild cards, and many that allow players to play multiple hands at once.

Whatever the variation, however, the play in Video Poker is pretty straightforward: the player places a bet, and is dealt a five-card hand. The player must decide which cards to hold, discarding the rest and drawing new cards to replace them. The object is to create the best Poker hand possible, and prizes are paid according to a set pay table.