Bingo Games – How To Make Money From This Online Game

Bingo game has become one of the most opted free time games for people belonging to all ages around the world. It has also become a family game wherein all the family members get together and enjoy. It is a probability game, where players mark the numbers on their cards as the caller calls out the randomly drawn number. The winner is the person that marks off all the card numbers first.


Bingo was formerly called ‘beano’ in US. In this country fair game, number discs were selected from cigar boxes by a dealer and the players marked their cards using beans. If they won, they yelled ‘beano’.

The history of the game dates back to 1530 in Italy, where lottery game called ‘Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia’ was played. This game is even popular today and played in Italy every Saturday. It got introduced in France as ‘Le Lotto’ in 1770s. Germans too used this version in 1880’s to help the students learn math.

In 1929 it reached North America and got popular as ‘beano’. Edwin S. Lowe first introduced this game at a carnival by the name of ‘Bingo’. He hired a math professor to help him increase bingo card combinations. When bingo was used to play in churches for raising funds I became very popular. Today millions of dollars are wagered on bingo every week in US only.

With online becoming the next huge thing, hundreds of clubs and casinos are approaching to online apps for tapping mobile and tablet sector. If you are willing to try bingo for fun or make some money, then here are some tips.

Sign up

The first thing to do before playing any casino game is to find the right website and get registered. When you do so, you will need to make some initial deposit amount. However, the website will also add extra credits in the form of welcome bonus credits.

Earn Deposit Bonus

When you deposit some amount, the website will add a certain percentage of the amount to your deposit as the bonus percentage. You can use the entire amount to enjoy the bingo Australia game.

Focus on the Jackpots and Special Prizes

Just the way some diners and shops offer excellent discount and prizes for their customers during some special moments, also known as happy hours, websites also offer excellent benefits. By winning some of such prizes in the “happy hours”, you can automatically enhance the chances of winning money.

Never let go of Raffles and Draws

Participating in draws and raffles has excellent benefits. When you deposit in raffles, you will get to use them in the bingo games. Hence, experts always suggest participating in such raffles and draws since it will increase the chances of winning Big money along with retaining the deposits.

Find the Websites with Different Bingo Game Types

You are sure to find many online casino sites that will give you an opportunity to stake money at bingo game. By signing into one, you will automatically enter the chat rooms and have fun playing games and socializing with them. With communication good relations get created. It can help you to attain a couple of pointers from experienced players.

Look for Special Occasion Bonuses

During some special occasions, most of the gambling websites organize events where the players can enjoy winning huge bonus prizes.