Teasers, parlays and other betting options available online

We often hear about bettors in New Zealand being able to bet on a spread, a total or a money line. These are the standard bets that can be placed at any of the best online sports betting sites and they are most certainly the most popular. However, there are other betting options available to any bettor that is looking to make better sports bets online. In this article we will discuss the different types of betting options that are available to all bettors in New Zealand, these will include teasers and parlays and what these betting options are exactly.

What is a parlay?

A parlay bet is when a bettor will make a bet on multiple teams. These bets are the same as any other and the bettor will be able to bet against a spread, the money line or a total. The difference here is that the bettor must choose more than one team when making a parlay bet. In order for the bet to payout, all teams wagered on must win. This is not limited to a certain number of teams and depending on which sports book you choose to enjoy online betting with you can wager on up to five teams in a parlay bet. The payouts for winning these bets increase significantly and this has become a favorite amongst bettors in New Zealand.

What are teasers?

A teaser is much like a parlay in the sense that you will need to bet on more than one team. These types of bets will also increase the payouts allowing any bettor in New Zealand to win bigger and better. A teaser will differ from a parlay in the sense that a bettor is able to add points to the team that is not the favorite to win, as well as to subtract points from the team that is favorite to win.  The odds of this bet will change depending on the number of teams in the bet, and the number of points that the spread has moved. Bettors can place teaser bets up to five teams and this will increase their odds to new heights, increasing their winning potential in massive ways.

Why make use of these betting options?

In the sports betting world, many bettors will only make bets the traditional way. This is due to the fact that they either do not know about these betting options or do not know what benefits these options provide. Any bettor that is looking to make every bet count should take full advantage of these online betting options as they are able to increase the chances of winning bigger in so many ways.


In conclusion, teasers and parlays are ways that sports bettors in New Zealand can make bets on their favorite sports and increase their odds to win massive payouts. These are good options for any bettor that understand sports betting and is able to wager on their sports with confidence every time.