Understanding the Various NBL Betting Options

Did you know that basketball is one of the top ten most popular sports in the world? It boasts a loyal and passionate following of over 400 million people across the globe, with a traditionally strong fan base in Canada and the United States. Today, it’s not just the big leagues such as the NBA that have the attention of basketball fans. With the spreading popularity of basketball in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and China, lesser known local leagues such as the NBL are quickly getting more exposure in the international arena.

Betting on Basketball

Since time immemorial, sports fans have loved the exhilarating thrill that placing a bet on their favourite sports team adds to watching the game. Basketball is an exciting game to watch and the sport itself demands a high level of skill and agility from its players, this makes it a great sport to bet on. Basketball betting is similar to betting on other sports, it requires some form of strategy as well as knowledge of the sport and market.

Betting on the NBL

For basketball fans from New Zealand and Australia, betting on the https://onlinebettingoffers.biz/nba/ has become a firm favourite. Punters are able to choose from a wide range of betting markets on each game that takes place during the season. During the NBL season, there are a number of betting options on the full-line up of matches available. The most popular types include:

Total Points

In the NBL, total points bets are also referred to as over/under wagers. The total number of points scored by both teams is predicted and a wager is placed on whether the total number of points scored will be more than the predicted number (over) or less than the predicted total (under).

Line Betting

Another popular NBL betting option is line betting, as it gives bettors slightly more generous odds compared to head-to-head markets. In this type of bet, the favourite team in a match is allocated a number of points that must be carried through to the final match score in order to be considered winners. Punters also have the option of backing the underdogs to give the same specified number of points before they can win.

Example: New Zealand Breakers: -5.5

The NZ Breakers have 5.5 points subtracted from their final score, if the NZ Breakers are still left with a score that is more than their opponents, they are deemed the winners and the bet is paid out.

Head-to-Head Odds

Avid fans and seasoned punters alike can take advantage of head-to-head offers on all NBL season matches including the Finals and Grand Final series. Each NBL team is given odds, with bookmakers predicting the outcome of a match. In addition to horse betting, this is one of the most popular betting options for NBL bettors.

Teams to Make the Final Series

This wager allows punters to predict which top four basketball teams will dominate the NBL Ladder once the regular season has concluded, securing themselves a spot at the NBL Playoffs and a chance to walk away with the League title. The top four are seeded 1-4 for the NBL Playoffs.