Medusas Gaze Online Arcade Game

Greek mythology has Medusa as one of the three Gorgons, with snakes instead of hair on her head, and the terrifying ability to render anyone who looked directly at her turned to stone. Her transformation into the hideous monster was the result of Athena’s wrath, a goddess she wished to rival in terms of beauty, and Medusa was eventually undone by Perseus, son of Zeus. The hero managed to avoid the fate of all the warriors who had gone before him by never looking directly at her, and making use of the reflection she made in his shield in order to destroy her instead. Medusa’s terrifying head lost none of its magic even after she died, however, and Perseus went on to defeat Polydectes, his mother’s would-be suitor, with it after the battle was over.

Playtech has made use of this fascinating tale in order to deliver its Medusas Gaze arcade game, and players are invited to explore the story in a totally new way by means of it.

General Overview for Medusas Gaze

Medusas Gaze is a four-reel arcade game that sports 12 paylines. Blocks made up of nine different colours are located on these, and the aim of the player is to collect winning combos of three or more of these blocks arranged along a single reel or line.

Medusas Gaze offers very easy gameplay, and players are simply required to make their bet size selection of between 0.2 and 500 and set the reels spinning.

The reels will begin whirling around Medusa’s head, and payouts for combinations that meet the winning criteria will be made according to the provided paytable. The blocks from the combinations that have been formed will then fall out, and different ones will take their place. Should another winning combination be formed in this manner the player’s payout will double. Should it occur again it will treble, and so on. The maximum possible payout for a winning combination is a multiplication of 10 000.

The white-coloured blocks will serve in the same manner as the wild symbols for standard slots machines, and are able to replace necessary blocks of colour in order to form winning combinations on behalf of the player at

Interface for Medusas Gaze Game

The Gorgon’s head is displayed in the middle window of Medusas Gaze, and players will have their four reels, composed of differently coloured blocks, set around it. A control panel is displayed around this with buttons available for players to select their bet size; activate their reels and open the paytable to display multipliers. Autoplay is available for players who prefer engaging with their online roulette games in this manner, and players will find it offered at a good variety of online casinos.

Players are able to try the Medusas Gaze game in free mode if they wish to, for as long as they may require, and need only start laying real money wagers once they are positive they have found a game they will enjoy playing.