Understanding Hall Of Gods Online Slots

There are several reasons for there being such a big casino following all over the world. Each part of the vibrancy and excitement of a traditional casino complements another, making it a world into which people are more than willing to step.

One such part is that of slots games. They may flash the brightest colours and make the most exciting trills, but they certainly deliver on them as well when it comes to the crux of the games on offer. It only seemed natural, then, that when the dawn of the online casino approached, online slots games followed quickly after.

Interestingly, slots games have opened up doors for the worlds of pop culture and niche markets to collide with that of casinos, as a number of themed slots games have emerged. Hall of Gods, powered by Net Entertainment, is the perfect example of this. Below, you fill find more information on this game and how to play it.

General Structure

Hall of Gods does not boast an overly complicated structure. In fact, it is incredibly simple, yet effective. With five reels and 20 paylines, the game is played just like any other slots game would be – the reels are spun and when matching images meet, the player wins some money. There are a few twist and turns along the way in this slots game themed around Norse mythology. Adorning the reels, players can expect to see Nordic legends like Loki, Odin, Freya and Idun.

Progressive Jackpot

When it cones to online slots games, there are generally two kinds of Canadian casino online jackpots – set ones and progressive ones. The latter is perhaps the most coveted kind, as it means the potential for winning is unlimited. Essentially what happens is that a progressive jackpot is accumulated from all players playing at any given point. Then, at random, regardless of how high or low the total jackpot pool is, the entirety of the prize money can be won by one player. Hall of Gods has one such jackpot, meaning that everytime someone starts playing the game, the jackpot grows.

Special Features

In order for an online slots game to differentiate itself these days, it needs to be able to offer special features that can help elevate the game from the rest. Hall of Gods offers a few of these, including free spins and a wild symbol. The latter can substitue for any other symbol (and is represented by the image of the serpent), and could mean the difference between a winning row and a losing one. The free spins are activated when a player yields three or more scatter symbols (represented by Odin’s raven). The number of free spins awarded is determined by the number of scatter symbols present.

Online casino games like Hall of Gods can be played on a multitude of platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, Mac and PC. Furthermore, free versions of the game are also available n cool sites like https://onlinebingonz.co/casino-games/, and make for a good foundation from which to build one’s online slots gaming experience.