Most Popular Online Casino Games

Everyone seems to have opposing views as to what the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong are, but we think we have whittled it down to the 4 definite favourites.  They are covered in further depth here and while we havent included real money slots as one, you can take it as a given that this is the most popular.

Baccarat Casino Games In Hong Kong

Do you think that baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong? We certainly do! Very popular both in Macau and online, it has been amongst the most popular Chinese and Hong Kong casino games for a long time.  This table game has many reasons why it is so popular in Hong Kong, but we think that because of its high stakes and being a high risk card game it appeals to Hong Kong players who need to burn off steam from very busy working lives! Baccarat was first played in France in the 19th century, but is now played worldwide.

There are three main variants of this game.  Punto banco or North American baccarat is completely a game of chance.  Baccarat chemin de fer (also known as chemmy) and the well known baccarat banque (also a deux tableaux) are both versions of the game where skill is definitely a part of determining the outcome of the game.

Sic Bo Casino Games In Hong Kong

Sic bo originates in China, and means ‘precious dice’.  It is a game of chance which is really a part of China’s national identity.  So popular is this game in Hong Kong, that we think it definitely is one of the most popular online slots casino games available to Hong Kong players. Sic bo is played with 3 dice, betting on the outcome of the three dice when rolled.

Pai Gow Casino Games In Hong Kong

A Chinese domino based game that has been played by people in Hong Kong and China for at the very least a millennium, it is without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games available to players in Hong Kong and across the world today. There is also a poker version of pai gow, but the traditional domino game is the most popular version.  Pai gow entails adding up the total on the dominoes to work out the scoring.  You drop the first 1 in any double digit score.  The highest hand you can get is 9 in this game.

Mahjong Casino Games In Hong Kong

Again this game uses dominoes and is a without a doubt one of the most popular casino games in Hong Kong, if not in all of Asia. It has similarities with the European game rummy and each player gets a hand of thirteen of the tiles.  Usually there are four players, and they will battle it out in the hope of getting a meld (four tiles) or alternatively a head (two tiles).  There are many variations of this most popular online casino games that Hong Kong players can choose from when looking for hours of entertainment, and the option of winning great money to take home.